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Help fund a Wellness Room in the future Tyler's Redemption Place.

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This holiday season, Hope United invites YOU, YOUR FAMILY, OR YOUR OFFICE/ORGANIZATION to GIVE HOPE, SHARE HOPE by helping to raise money to fund one of the Wellness Rooms in the future Tyler's Redemption Place - Ohio's FIRST Relapse Prevention Wellness Center.

The virtual campaign begins November 16th and runs through December 23rd, ending on Tyler Bornstein's birthday. Tyler, born December 23, 1990, was one of the greatest gifts to his parents, Shelly and Travis Bornstein, founders of Hope United. In fact, when they took Tyler home from the hospital for the first time, they put him under the Christmas tree and took a picture of him with a bow on his blanket. With the addition of two beautiful daughters, their family was complete, and life was as it should be. However, by the time he was eighteen, Tyler had undergone two major surgeries on his right elbow. Each one sent him home with prescription medication to help manage the pain. Before he knew it, Tyler was addicted to opioids and so began the family's struggles for the next several years with his addiction. You can read more about Tyler's story and why Hope United began.

Hope United's personal fundraisers are encouraged to rally their friends, family, and networks to participate in GIVE HOPE, SHARE HOPE to help fund a Wellness Room in Tyler's Redemption Place. By becoming a fundraiser for Hope United, you will help create local support and treatment options for individuals and families devastated by the drug, alcohol and suicide epidemics. You will help create a safe haven through Tyler's Redemption Place to intervene against relapse, accidental overdose and suicide.

Each participating fundraiser (or fundraising group) will indirectly assist in saving lives—maybe the life of someone you know and love!

You'll empower your friends to feel good by doing good.


50 PERSONAL/GROUP FUNDRAISERS (A recommended goal of $500 - $1,500, but set a reasonable goal for yourself and raise it later if necessary!)


$50,000 in FUNDS RAISED

We will supply you with all the tools, ideas and templates to be successful!!

In addition, all personal fundraisers who reach $500 will be invited to a special grand opening preview of Tyler's Redemption Place. Personal fundraisers who reach $1,000 will be included in a commemorative plaque with your name and your reason for helping (in memory or in honor of a friend or family member).

Getting started is easy! And better yet, it's fun!! Hope United gives you all the tools that make it possible for you to make a difference, today. With your help, Hope United knows we can reach our GIVE HOPE, SHARE HOPE virtual campaign goal of $50,000 to fund a Wellness Room in the future Tyler's Redemption Place.

You can learn more about Tyler's Redemption and WHY THIS MATTERS.

This Is Tyler's Redemption Place

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